Nothing gets my day at the office off to a better start that arriving to discover a beautifully wrapped package waiting for me on my desk, even before I’ve had my morning coffee and that’s exactly what I found when I arrived at the office this morning, a beautifully wrapped gift from the folks over at Scarlett Fine.




Now, I cannot lie, while I absolutely loved the gift, I had no idea who Scarlete Fine was. But boy, do I wish I’d known about them with Ava and Hannah’s placements! They specialize in babies and children’s fabrics, furniture and decor and after having a browse around their website, I can honestly say, their goodies are gorgeous!

This discovery couldn’t have come at a better time either, Ava has been asking for a “big girl” room for a while now and Walter and I have been chatting to her about redoing her room in our new house. After browsing through Scarlett Fine’s website, I’ve come across such beautiful fabrics and goodies for both my girls rooms!

Zoology Bloom

I’ve mentioned before, Ava is animal CRAZY and is adamant she’s going to be an “animal doctor” when she grows up. I just loved this zoology bloom fabric. While the imagery is still childlike, the colours give it a more mature feel.

Magic Unicorns

Or this magic unicorn design because she’s also crazy about unicorns. Not ponies or horses, it must be unicorns! She’s already decided her parties theme this year will be unicorns!

And then there are their owl designs and oh, boy, you know how much I LOVE owls!


Forest Watermelon Foresst Life


Their fabrics and designs for boys are just as gorgeous, original and unusual. And have a look at their portfolio, there are some kids bedroom designs in there that are to die for!

If you’re planning to upgrade your kids room or having a baby soon, check our Scarlett Fine, there stuff really is beautiful!

Scarlett Fine