It’s been 8 months since I embarked on my journey with Nix & Tee to improve the appearance, mostly the pigmentation, on my neck and decolletage via IPL treatments. Eight months of treatments, every 21 days, give or take, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results!

Seven Treatments In

I have felt extremely self-conscious about the pigmentation on my neck and decolletage over the past 10 years. Constantly having to assure friends and family and sometimes even strangers, that no, I wasn’t sunburnt, my neck was simply that colour from pigmentation. I became so self-conscious that I hated wearing anything that showed off my decolletage because of the red, angry tone of my skin and the dark patches of pigmentation. But finally, after 7 IPL treatments at Nix & Tee, my neck and decolletage are the same colour as my face!

Check it out:

It has been quite a journey, with me looking like I’d accidentally taken a nap, chest down on a cooking hot braai grid, with lots of home care and of course, extra special care now every time I go anywhere near the sun, but it’s been so so worth it!

Post-treatment redness.

A couple of days post-treatment scabbing.

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You can see my full IPL Skin journey over on my Instastories, by following the Ni & Tee highlight here.

I just want to say a very special thank you to Nix form Nix & Tee for working with me over the past 8 months and for being so encouraging throughout the course of my treatments.

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