Who says women in in their 40’s can only rock mom jeans! Old and frumpy before our time? NO THANK YOU! The truth is that women in their 40’s can rock any look we want to! 

And nothing says bold, edgy and sexy quite like smokey eyes! Whether you’re 20, 30 or in your 40’s!

The biggest difference I’ve found, now that I’m in my 40’s is that I need to keep the look a little softer, a little more subtle, so that I can totally make my eyes pop without drawing attention to the saggy, wrinkly baggies around my eyes!

To Get This Look, I used:

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I’ve created a little video tutorial to take you through the steps of creating this look!

What was most astonishing for me, in an attempt to make the video a little shorter, I actually start the tutorial with one eye already made up and then take you through the steps of creating the look with the other eye. You cannot believe how much this look makes your eyes pop, when you see the footage of me with one smokey eye and one unmade up eye, you’ll be astounded.

Anyway, here is the video, I hope you enjoy it and will hit the like button!

What do you think of the smokey eye look for more mature women?