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Hannah started school this year and just like her sister and just about every kid in the history of the world, from the onset of winter, she has been plagued by colds, flu and bronchitis. No lies guys, since the onset of the cooler weather in May, Hannah has been on antibiotics twice already, probably attended a full week of school twice in the past two months and has had an almost permanently snotty nose & postnasal drip with a cough.

She’s just finished another round of antibiotics and guess what?? She has a snotty nose again!

So this little flu kit from Clicks pharmacy couldn’t have been delivered at a better time along with some great cold and flu fighting tips from their Pharmacist, Waheed Abdurahman. Here are some of Waheed’s pointers for avoiding or treating colds and flu this winter:

  • Get the flu jab – The flu vaccination can be effective even administered as late as July. It’s really a case of better late than never!

  • Avoidance – Try to stay away from those who are sick. If you are the sick one, rather take the day off work and stay at home until you are better.

  • Keep it clean – Wash your hands with soap and water and cover up when you cough or sneeze.

  • If you do get the flu, it’s best to treat systematically:

–        Remember to drink plenty of fluids;

–        Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and keep your hands clean with a                  waterless hand sanitiser;

–        Use a humidifier to thin the air and improve breathing;

–        Gargling with salt water may soothe a sore throat; and

–        Get plenty of rest to give your body the best chance of recovery.

–        Stock up on the following flu relief essentials:

  • Decongestants or a nasal inhaler may provide comforting relief for congested nasal passages.

  • Antihistamines are helpful for sneezing and a runny nose.

  • Throat lozenges to soothe a sore throat.

  • Pain relievers to help reduce severity of pain and fever.

  • Cough medicines to combat a dry or wet cough.

  • Probiotics if your doctor has put you on antibiotics, should you get a secondary infection.


Clicks Flu KitAnd here are some of my tried and tested cold & flu prevention and treatments:

  • Eat lots of green, leafy vegetables, they’re rich in nutrients and Phytochemicals and will strengthen your immunity
  • Rest – there’s a reason why animals hibernate! But seriously, As if getting enough sleep on a normal basis isn’t hard enough, you need more zzzz’s when you’re feeling under the weather. When you’re tired, your body isn’t fighting as hard!
  • Try to maintain an exercise regimen, this really does help maintain ones immune system
  • Vitamin C – I try to eat a diet rich in Vitamin C, especially the green leafy veggies, berries, broccoli, chill peppers & robot peppers.

My mom was a nurse…. Those of you who grew up with a family member in the medical field will know… we grow up tough! There’s no sympathy when you’re sick. You shut your piehole, take a disprin and you’ll feel better later. That has been so ingrained in me that I rarely ever take time off work for illness and if I do, you bet it’s because I think I may be dying!  But an adult dealing with colds and flu is one thing, my little kids having to deal with it is quite another.

What are your top cold and flu fighting tips for this winter?