According to the press release I received, over 3 million women in South Africa colour their hair and I’m one of them, I’ve been colouring my hair since I was a teenager! And with root outgrowth reappearing in just 7 to 10 days, regular touch ups are a must! Unless you like rocking what I jokingly refer to as the poorbre (it’s like Ombre but less intentional!)

The thing is…. regular colouring and touch up’s become pricey!

And so when I got an opportunity to review the Kampalook Color Recover Spray, I jumped at the opportunity. Especially because I’ve gotten VERY grey over the last few years and now find I have to colour my hair more regularly to hide those white suckers behind a veil of blonde!

Kampalook Color Recover kampalook-color-recover-2

But before, I share my video review, here are a few other things you need to know about Color Recover:

COLOR RECOVER is a patented applicator that offers a fast, effective, home-based solution to cover gray roots between
salon appointments, without staining the scalp,skin or clothes. COLOR RECOVER will not fade, flake or rub off.
After applying COLOR RECOVER, the hair is refreshed, revitalizedand restored to its uniform color for the most beautiful look
in-between color treatments.

• Compatible with all hair color brands
• Fast & easy to use at home
• Clean & neat, does not stain the scalp, skin or clothes
• Available in 7 shades, covering 40 of the most common
& popular hair colors
• Free from ammonia, peroxide & MEA
• Fully reusable for multiple applications
• Non staining & completely safe on the skin and clothes
• Simple & easy, designed for home use
• Covers gray roots & restores color and shine between salon treatment

Also, I liked the fact that it was safe to use on my Brazilian blow wave! 

So here is my video review:

And here are the close up before and after photo’s:


Here are my final thoughts on this product:

  • It’s VERY easy to apply
  • No mess, no fuss and washed out
  • It works like a coloured hair spray with a clever applicator
  • It leaves no sticky residue in your hair, leaving your hair looking natural and not like you’ve tried to spray away the grey.
  • It comes in a variety of colours so suite all different hair colours.
  • It only affected my grey hairs and didn’t have an impact on my highlighted hair.
  • It leaves your hair shiny & healthy
  • Contains no damaging ingredients like ammonia, oxygen, PDD’s or MEA’s

Now where to buy it?

From Takealot.com for only R159 which should be enough for 30 applications!

What are you waiting for? You can spray away those grey hairs in seconds!