Guys, getting old isn’t for sissies. Since hitting my mid 40’s, I’ve developed an incredible superpower, I can injure myself just by sleeping! I’m not even making this up. And it’s gotten way worse since I fell off a horse more than a year ago, recovery has been hard and the simplest things, like getting off the toilet, can result in excruciating pain!

Yes, I really did injure myself getting off the toilet.

It was last year and it was still while I was recovering from my torn calf muscle after my fall. I must have been overcompensating for my leg injury and landed up straining my lower back. I’d gone to the toilet and as I stood up, I’d twisted my back awkwardly and before I knew it, I was down on the ground in utter agony.


RICE without the C is what I used to sort out my lower back.





I used Norflex Gel to aid in my recovery, between bed rest, ice packs and sleeping with a pillow between my knees, the Norflex Gel really helped as it’s an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and it has an anesthetic effect. I have battled with my lower back since my fall and have had to seek medical attention at times too.

How to know if you need to see a medical practitioner?

  • You cannot take more than a few steps without severe pain
  • You cannot move the affected limb or joint
  • You experience severe pain directly over the bones of an affected joint,
  • You experience numbness in any part of the injured area

Posture is everything!

I’ve also had to learn to focus on my posture because my lower back is now so easily injured. Lifting, moving furniture, even lying on the couch can hurt my back. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I run regularly, but I’ve also had to incorporate some core exercises and lots of stretching into my exercise regime in order to try and strengthen my back.


I’ve also started researching the Deskstand because of its benefits, with my back struggles, I really do feel like my posture would be better if I spent less time sitting at my desk and more time standing.

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