On Friday night, I did something I haven’t done in a very very very long time! I went out on a girls night to the movies, to see The Fault In Our Stars.

Now you’ll remember I reviewed John Green’s book of the same name earlier this year. It really is one of the most beautifully written & memorable books I have ever read. I was a little apprehensive about seeing the movie as movies based on books often don’t live up to my expectations. But I was blown away by this movie. I loved it!

The cast is fantastic and exactly how I imagined the characters in the book. The screenplay sticks closely to the story in the book, so Β you get to enjoy the full benefit of the witty and cynical dialogue between the main characters. But we warned…..

You need to take a box of tissues with you! I had a good drizz in the cinema and from the snukking & sniffing going on throughout the cinema, I was not alone with my emotions!

Just as a side note…. this is not a book/movie about cancer. It’s about life and love and the ironies of it all. Beautiful. Intelligent. Witty. Cynical and at times very very funny!

Go see it!!!!