The one thing that sets Go Health Club apart from other health and fitness franchises in South Africa is how they are using technology to get me moving. It’s not secret, I’m highly competitive and I’ve participated in every club challenge since the clubs inception.

In the first challenge, which ran from the 23rd Feb to the 15th May, I did really well and finished 3rd out of 31 participants. Yay! Go me! I had a total number of 44 857 Moves for the period, which were made up of a mix of running (because the app sync’s with my FitBit) and workouts at the club.


Last month I didn’t fare as well, the second challenge ran from the 15th May to the 30th June and I did a total of 59 491 moves. Again made up of a mix or running (with my FitBit) and gym sessions. It could have/should have been better but I’ve already told you all about how I’m struggling to find my groove in the cold, dark, winter months and as a busy working mom, the only time I have for training, whether it be at the gym or running, is between 5am & 6am.


The awesome thing about the Go Health app is that you can track your movements and any physical activity on the app, not just gym sessions or running, by selecting from a pre-set list of daily activities, whether it be house work or walking the dog, it’s there for you to select and to track your movements daily.




There are also a host of other sporting activities to choose from, so if you’re playing other sports outside of training at the club, you can still clock up the MOVES there too using this amazing little app.

So there really is no excuse to not get up and get moving and collecting those MOVES.

This month Go Health have a great promotion, join the club in July and receive a free Puma Go Health Club back back. Check it out:


They’ve also got a great Winter Warmers work out, all you need to is scan the QR code to start your own winter warmer. Or you can check out my own personal work out, designed to maintain conditioning and strength for runners, you can scan the QR code for my personal work out here.


Also, don’t forget, I’m giving away an years membership to Go Health Club, you can find all the details on how to enter here:Β https://www.kweenb.co.za/win-an-all-inclusive-years-membership-to-go-health/