South Africa’s favorite Dad Blogger, Afrodaddy, famous for his…. well his hair… may well be bald by tomorrow night, 25th June, if he doesn’t raise the R120 000 for The Maletsatsi Foundation as part of the live event where we all wait to see if  #TheFroMustGo

About The Maletsatsi Foundation

The Maletsatsi Foundation is a nonprofit childcare facility that, after many years of acting as a place of safety for one or two children, realized that they could better serve the community and children at large, by registering a non-profit that could enlist the assistance of the general public for funding.

About #TheFroMustGo Fundraiser

The aim of the fundraiser is to raise R120 000 which will ensure that the education needs and costs of the older children at The Maletsatsi Foundations are covered for the next year.

Afrodaddy will be going LIVE on Friday, 25 June, and is looking to raise R120 000 in exchange for some hilarious dares and stunts at his expense. The best part? We can tune in to the humiliation from the comfort of our own homes and we get to feel good about contributing to a good cause. The more money you raise for the Maletsatsi Foundation, the tougher the challenge for Terence (hopefully culminating in him shaving off his trademark ‘do).

AfroDaddy is no stranger to livestreamed fundraising events. In December, Terence and his wife Julie raised R15 600 for the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children to help support survivors of gender-based violence and domestic assault. Julie endured the humiliation alongside her husband for that event, famously scooping raw egg out of her hair for weeks thereafter. But this year, Julie’s in the driver’s seat and Terence won’t know what additional fates might befall him until the day of the big shave.

Friday night is going to be a lot of fun!

Here is how you can get involved:

Help send a child to school by pledging your donation to The Maletsatsi Foundation, and be sure to tune in to the live-streamed event via the AfroDaddy Instagram page on Friday 25 June from 19h30.

The Maletsatsi Foundation is a foundation very close to my heart, you can read more about why here:

The Important Stuff:

Link to donate:

Link to watch the live stream:

Remember that every cent donated gets Terence a step closer to shaving his fro, so your donation size, no matter how big or how small, will help!