About a month ago, I was sent a very fancy press kit for BioNike DEFENCE ELIXAGE range to try! I had never heard of BioNike before, but was really intrigued by their product offering, mission and guarantees! 

They guarantee that all of their products are nickel, chromium and cobolt tested, which is good news for me because I have a nickel allergy and nickel is so often found in so many products. The BioNike products are all preservative, fragrance and gluten free. Now gluten sensitivity of the skin is as yet, unproven, but makes this product range ideal for anyone who has non-celiac gluten sensitivity. While I have never been diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I have noticed a massive difference in my health since I started banting a few years ago, as banting is naturally gluten free. This has impacted on my digestive organs and given that the skin is the bodies largest organ, I can only but assume using gluten free facial products would be beneficial. As a side note, when I do eat foods containing gluten, aside from almost instant digestive disturbances, I’ve also noticed that within 24 hours, I get dark rings around my eyes, as well as puffiness and bloating on my face, especially around my eye area.

Another NB benefit of BioNike products is that they are NOT tested on animals!

And BioNike’s mission is to ensure effectiveness, safety, well being and fair quality to price ratio’s for us the users!

I have been trialing the DEFENCE ELIXAGE BioNike https://www.bionike.it/en/search/content/DEFENCE%20ELIXAGE

Skin ageing is a multiple-factor process involving the progressive alteration of the physiological functions of skin triggered by genetic, hormonal and external environmental factors (UV rays, smoking, pollution, stress, lifestyle and eating habits).

The most evident signs of ageing skin are a dull skin tone, wrinkles and, especially, the loss of skin density. The BioNike laboratories have renewed the DEFENCE ELIXAGE range of anti-ageing treatments to counter such ageing skin signs. Based on the special R3 formula, the products perform a triple anti-ageing action: Repairs – Redensifies – Renews.

The products feature highly sensorial and pleasant textures, instantly giving a feeling of extreme comfort upon application. Day after day, skin will become softer, smoother, firmer and more radiant. Ageing signs will be softened and face countours will be better defined.

In essence, this is the ideal skin care range for the…. um…. more mature skin! 

From the range, I have been trialing the following products:


satinThis is a light weight, extra silky treatment cream, which I apply morning and night, after cleansing and before my day or night cream.

This treatment is designed to repair, renew & redensify the skin, leaving it supple, smooth and more radiant.

Cost: R645


veloursI’ve been using this cream as my day cream. It’s got a rich texture, but surprisingly does not make my combination skin any oilier. In addition, it gives my skin an extra layer of protection during the days. 

Cost: R645



contourThe texture of the skin on your eye and lip area is obviously different to the rest of your face. This is what makes a good eye and lip treatment so important. Using the wrong products or just your regular day/night cream around your eyes and result in puffiness and irritation. 

I love this eye cream, it has a rich but light formula that penetrates the skin easy and doesn’t exacerbate puffiness around my eyes.

Cost: R325


nuitI remember from my training as a skin care therapist, that a day cream is designed to protect your skin, but a night cream is designed to really treat and restore your skin as you rest. While sleeping, your skin, like the rest of your organs are in a restorative phase and this is what makes a night cream so very important.

The beauty of this product, is that it can also be used as a mask to deeply treat your skin. It contains almond oil and shea butter and all kinds of other delicious and deeply nourishing ingredients.

Cost: R645

But the piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance is this!!!!!


serumI will admit, I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this product! Everything about it is just beautiful, from the packaging, to the smell and texture. It’s one of those products that once you’ve used it, you can imagine living without it ever again. I look forward to applying this to my face and neck every night!

This oil based serum, which has multiple anti aging actions is used at night, on the face and neck, under your night cream. It is DIVINE!

Cost: R645


I LOVE these products. My skin feels more supple and treated. The products themselves are a sensory experience that I’ve only ever experienced while using products that are far more expensive. 

I can’t recommend these enough. Definitely a new favorite of mine and I’m looking forward to adding to my collection. These products are excellent pharmaceutical quality without the insane price tag. 

Available exclusively at Dischem

Disclaimer – I was sent a press kit, without the expectation of a review. I was not paid to write this review, but loved the products so much that I wanted to share them with you! 


Check out BioNike South Africa’s Face Book page for more information on these amazing products!