On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Huggies Gold launch at The Westcliff and boy what a treat it was. We were spoiled with a delicious breakfast, red velvet cupcakes and goodie bags that were tailored to every individual attending depending on the age of their child(ren). I must say, I was seriously impressed with the attention to detail and the thought that had gone into the event, it was a fabulous morning and it was so great to get a chance to catch up with other bloggers and Twitter mom’s who I haven’t seen…. well, since the last Huggies event last year.






The new Huggies Gold is a VERY clever concept. Deciding on which nappies to use is always a tough debate and it always seems to come down to Huggies is best for boys/girls and that {insert competitors name here} is better for girls/boys… and so the debate has raged, from Ava’s placement to Hannah’s placement, I’ve watched this conversation/debate rage among mom’s. But now Huggies can put the debate to rest because they have cleverly come up with nappies fitted for boys and girls!




Moms know that boys and girls are different. Huggies® knows that their nappies should be too. That is why Huggies® Gold nappies have now been tailored to have the absorbency pads higher up for boys and lower down for girls. “Your same trusted Huggies® Gold – but with new features giving your baby our best protection and our most comfortable fit. Shaped like underwear for comfort, the nappies also have a triple absorbent core for our best leakage protection with an elastic waistband and stretchy fasteners”, says Carlyn Foster from Kimberly Clark, Marketing Projects – Baby & Child Care, Huggies®.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… we’ve been using the Huggies Gold for Girls on Ava at night (I know I know, bad mommy, I still have not taken Ava off the nighttime nappy) and they are fabulous! They’re super soft with a stretchy waistband and because of the strategically placed absorbency pads, we’ve had no leakage issues. Hannah is now also wearing Huggies Gold For Girls and so far I’m seriously impressed.

Thank you Huggies for spoiling us on Saturday, for the great innovation in nappies and for the thoughtful goodie bags!

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 Bought to you by Huggies.