If you’re staying in Jozi these holidays and really who wouldn’t, Jozi is AWESOME in December! Ok, whatever, who am I kidding anyway right? 

But seriously if you’re staying home these holidays, no beach, no sand, at least, there will still be some fun with the So Funny Safari, hosted by Boomerang and Johannesburg Zoo.



From 18th December to mid January, 2016, take a family trip to the Johannesburg Zoo and jump on the β€˜So Funny Safari’ tractor. In true Boomerang spirit, you will be whisked away on a magical African safari adventure, where you will get the opportunity to visit all your favorite furry friends, as well as their counterparts such as Tom & Jerry, Garfield, Scooby-Doo, Pink Panther and the ever feisty Tasmanian Devil. 

The So Funny Safari tractor departs from the  So Funny Safari pick-up zone at 10h00, 12h00 and 14h00 daily, visiting 6 different enclosures where a few of the zoo’s most favorite animal will be paired up with a Boomerang furry friend. You will also be able to learn some pretty interesting facts about these very special wildlife creatures in a fun and relaxing family environment.

This is a fantastic family outing and one my animal crazy 6 year old is dying to do. No need for us to sit at home because we can’t sit on the beach, So Funny Safari promises to be exhilarating, fun and educational for the whole family.