In the last few weeks my running has improved dramatically. I’ve noticed that my base fitness has improved incredibly and I’m able to run for much for much longer distances than I could previously. I have also noticed that the only reason I need to slow down to a walk is because my legs get tired after about 2km’s of running and not because I’m out of breath so clearly I’m fit and I just need to build strength. I’ve been thinking about joining a yoga class once a week in my area, this would be great for both strength and flexibility and is something I’ll actually enjoy. I cannot, no I will NOT set foot in a gym, I HATE gyms. Hate them!

I mentioned in a previous post that I rather stupidly bravely agreed to run a half marathon in November. This is seriously further than anything I’ve ever run before and will take some serious work and commitment on my part. The last thing I want to do is run my first half marathon being unprepared. I want to be confident that I can do it and so I need to commit to putting in the mileage of my training program for the We Run Soweto marathon.

I’ve been using the Nike+ app successfully since I started running. The coach facility is great as it customizes a work out based on your training history. So far I’ve used it successfully to run my first Park Run and then for my first 10km race. So naturally I wanted to use it again for the 21km in November. But here in lies the problem. I simply don’t have the time to stick to the training program. Life keeps getting in the way. And I’m getting very very frustrated.

My average day starts at 5am when I get up when Walter leaves for the gym, I have a cup of coffee & read my emails. Then I make everyone’s breakfasts and pack all the lunches for school and feed the dogs. This takes me to 6am when Walter arrives home from gym and I hit the road for a run. In a perfect world, I have exactly one hour to train, otherwise I’m late for work. But I don’t live in a perfect world and so many things affect my training time.

Take this morning for eg, I’d only just gotten up when Ava started yelling from her room that she wanted to get dressed. So she woke Hannah up. Before I’d even finished the breakfast/lunchbox schedule, I had to get her dressed, change Hannah and give her her morning bottle. This  threw out my carefully crafted schedule completely and I only landed up having 40 minutes to train. I cannot run 9km’s in 40 minutes so I only landed up doing 5! And these kinds of scenario’s keep happening and I’m getting so frustrated. If I don’t put in the mileage, the simple fact is that I won’t be able to complete a 21km. I HAVE to train.

So I’ve been looking around for some training programs that would suite a weekend warrior runner. Because really, in all honestly, that is what I am. I can manage a 6-7km am run during the week but I don’t have the time to run further than that during the week. On weekends, I can put in more time and more mileage so I needed something that would fit my lifestyle a bit better.

I found some great resources for working runner mom’s with limited time, you can view them here:

The Busy Mom’s Two Month Half Marathon Training Program

The Busy Girls Half Marathon Plan

But the training program I’m leaning most towards as it feels most achievable for me is the Runners World Half Master. I’ve also decided to run it on Novice, even though Nike+ says I should be training at an intermediate level, the fact remains, my time is limited and I need to find what will work for me.

Runners World Half Marathon Novice

I’m feeling a little better after finding this program, I was very despondent this morning but now having a look at this program, I think I can achieve this. I can do this.

So it’s back ON!