I’m potentially going to upset a few people with this opinion piece. Sorry, not sorry. But I don’t support MLM type companies, not in any way, shape, or form. If that’s what you’re selling, I ain’t buying.  And here’s why:


If you have the next best thing in healthcare, why are you ruining your credibility by selling your product this way?

This is always the first question that comes to my mind when I’m approached (at least 5 times a day on social media) for bitcoin, essential oils, skincare, or “heath” shakes and supplements. If you have the secret to wellness why the questionable business practice.  Just go and google MLM success stories to see a million reasons why MLM companies are not going to make you money, it’s been proven over and over again and yet people still somehow believe it.

Here is an interesting read if you don’t believe me – The 10 Ugly Truths About MLM Companies

Also, have a look at this article by Tiffany MarkmanThere’s a Scammer in my Inbox.

Let’s Talk Specifically Essential Oils

Because that is a personal bugbear of mine. I literally see red. And I know that I once endorsed one of these brands when they first arrived in SA, I did not do my research and did not realize they were an MLM company, at the time of my endorsement.

These are my Clinical Aromatherapy certifications below. I studied long and hard to qualify to practice.

I did not read a brochure or attend an online Zoom meeting hosted by somebody who had read a brochure and then go off and start trying to sell people essential oils. I get so angry when I see some of the utterly outrageous claims being made about essential oils from people who have no qualifications to be making such claims.

Aromatherapy is a  holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Sometimes it’s called essential oil therapy. Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health. It is meant as a complementary treatment. Part of studying clinical aromatherapy is learning about the various oil compounds how they benefit the body and how to mix and blend them.

NEVER IN MY LIFE did I see (until MLM Essential Oil companies) the recommendation that you ingest your oils. Please don’t do that! Specific essential oils can be toxic and you need to know how to blend them and use them properly and not by ingesting them. There are certain essential oils that are contraindicated for certain medical conditions and some essential oils can be toxic or poisonous, some of them can hurt you, I have accidentally burned myself while practicing, with garlic oil and I’ve had other minor uncomfortable incidents, so my point is, if you’re not qualified and don’t what you’re doing, please let the professionals assist you.

Local Is Lekker

I also really dislike the fact that these large MLM companies land on our shores and start bashing our small, locally available products. There are many, certified organic and ethical local essential oil suppliers for those of us who want to use essential oils on a personal level to enhance our wellbeing.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Soil – https://www.soil.co.za/

Essential Earth Remedies – https://essentialearthremedies.co.za/

I actually reviewed some of Essential Earth Remedies products here: https://www.kweenb.co.za/win-an-essential-earth-remedies-harmless-hamper/

And To End Off…

Have you watched Unwell on Nextflix yet? If you haven’t, I can highly recommend it.

So please, the next time I ask for your tips or tricks on combatting things like insomnia, do not slide into my DM’s to try and sell me your essential oils because I have that covered and I’m not interested in your business opportunity or the ridiculous claims you may be making.

I know what aromatherapy can do and I know and understand it’s limitations. But I’m also not interested in your herbal weight loss shakes, your new skincare business, r your bitcoins K?