I’ve been running again for 6 weeks after a long break because of injury and laziness. But after our holiday at the end of June, I committed to getting my A into G and reclaiming my health and my fitness. 

It’s a slippery slope….

It’s so easy to gain weight and just be a sloth. It’s so much fun too but that’s just not the person I am or the person I want to be. So I was so thrilled when Jacqui and Chanene asked me to join them in #FATMomsRun


stands for FABULOUS and TIRED. It’s not about shaming anyone but more about creating a movement to encourage all moms to get off the couch, make themselves a priority and get moving. 

Last week, on Women’s Day, we did our first race and we had a lot of fun. 

We participated in the Totalsports Women’s Race and even though we were as slow as sloths, we walked/ran 10km’s! 

The movement is for ALL MOMS! No matter your fitness. Our aim is to inspire others while improving our own strength, fitness and health. 

The #FATMomsRun Plan

We’re hoping to run at least one event a month. The next two events are the Totalsports Women’s Race on the 1st September and the Totalsports Women’s Race on the 16th September. But even if you’re not based in Jozi, you can join in! Inspire other moms to get off the couch by simply sharing your workouts on social media, using the hashtag #FATMomsRu #FabulousAndTired

Don’t be ashamed of your efforts! You got yourself up and you got yourself moving and that’s ALL that matters. It’s not about being the fastest. It’s about you beating yourself. Heck, if you follow me on Instagram,  you’ll know I’m as slow as a snail but I don’t care, I still proudly share those efforts! 

F.A.T. Moms…. are you with me??????