When I saw this house, I knew it was the house for us. It was perfect and offered more than what I could ever have hoped for. But, there was one feature that had me seriously excited – the spa bath in our ensuite bathroom. For too many years we’d lived in a house with a bath so tiny, it was impossible to take a nice long soak in the tub. And now here I was faced with the long winter months ahead and the possibility of soaking in the warmth of the tub every evening.

I happened to mention this on Twitter and as my Dad always says: “You never know your luck in a big city!” And boy did I strike it lucky. A couple of weeks after our move, I dropped Ava at school one morning and this was waiting for me in Ava’s locker:

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love skin products! As a trained beauty therapist, I spend a small fortune every month on bath, shower, skin and body products. So this was a real treat for me and I was so chuffed that Tranquil Body Treats had spoiled me!

I was most excited about trying the bath salts in our spa bath and this product did not disappoint. I am totally in love with the vanilla fragrance and can spend hours soaking in the tub, the product leaves my skin feeling soft and it definitely aids in relaxation. After a tough day chasing after Ava, there is nothing better than soaking in the spa bath with these bath salts.

The Country Clay SoapΒ smells so good I have to stop myself from eating it and it leaves my skin feeling cleansed but without that dry, tight feeling that so many soaps create.

The Body Salt Scrub is an absolute MUST HAVE for the dry Highveld winters. The scrub contains natural sea salts and oils which also left my skin feeling exfoliated but moisturized all at the same time and I’ve been using it religiously, twice a week since it arrived.

I also received the Lemongrass and Lime Hand Wash which has the most amazingly fresh and invigorating fragrance and also leaves my hands feeling clean but not dried out after use. I’ve hidden this one away in my en suite bathroom and don’t plan to share it with guests, not until I’ve had a chance to buy some more!

Of course, the cherry on top is the Linen & Room spray. I spray it on our pillows every night before going to bed and it has the most divine, soothing smell as I drift off to sleep after enjoying all the Tranquil Body Treat fragrances from all the products.

I absolutely love the range, after first being introduced to it last year when Ava was sent a Tranquil Body Treats birthday gift. We’ve been using their Kiddies Bubble Bath, Shower Gel and Body Mousse every since as Ava has a very sensitive and easily stimulated skin and just about everything gives her a rash, but since we moved over to using Tranquil Body Treats exclusively, she no longer has problems with a rash and she smells so good I could eat her!

The products are amazing and most importantly to me, they are all certified cruelty free and are handmade using only the best natural ingredients. And of course their prices are so affordable that there’s really just no excuse not to be pampering your skin this winter!

And now you too can pamper yourself and your child compliments of Tranquil Body Treats.

I have one Tranquil Body Treats Hamper up for grabs valued at R500 containing:

  • Kids Bubblegum Bath Sherbet
  • Kids Bubblegum Foam Bath
  • Kids Bubblegum Body Mousse
  • Kids Bubblegum Handmade Clay Soap
  • Vanilla Body Mousse
  • Vanilla Body Salt Scrub
  • Vanilla Body Wash
  • Vanilla Handmade Clay Soap
  • Vanilla Bath Salts

Β All you need to do to win is tell me what Tranquil Body Treat you’d most like to try. Remember to also “like” their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter so that you can keep up to date on promotions, special offers and new editions to their amazing range.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take a nice long soap in my spa bath with some bath salts!

The winner will be drawn via Random.org on Saturday, 19th May!