Hands up who is TOTALLY OVER winter???? I hate winter. I know I shouldn’t complain, in Jozi, winter is only about two months of the year, but still, I HATE being cold and with the overnight temps dipping below freezing, our bedroom often feels like we’re sleeping in a shack at the top of Kilimanjaro!

I could use a heater, but they dry out the air so badly and quite honestly, I’m also a little afraid we’ll all burn to death in our sleep. But then I got sent an EasyHeat poster heater and all that changed! 

About EasyHeat Poster Heater


EASYHEAT heaters are based on the latest nano-technology in infrared heating. Termed ’clean-technology’, healthy, extremely energy efficient. Yes, please! I love that they contain no UV and also don’t dry out the air the way traditional heaters do. EasyHeat is also economical because it uses less electricity than conventional household heaters. Because the heater uses infrared, you can focus, or direct the heat, the same way you would with a light. So yes, mine is mounted up right next to my bed. 

Gorgeous designs!

When I saw the designs, I knew right away I was going to choose the image of the jetty. I have a similar image hanging above our bed and I love the scene of peace from the image. But there are a couple designs to choose from, with more to come. 


The EasyHeat posters heaters are currently available on Takealot for R549.

Would you like to win an EasyHeat poster heater for yourself and a friend? EASY ENTRY! Just visit the Takelot link to view the currently available designs, leave a comment below with your favorite design and once the winner is chosen, we’ll be in touch to get your friends details and choice too! 

My usual T’s & C’s apply and the competition will close on Friday, 3rd August!