A while ago, I was contacted by Piumini Danesi, an Italian based linen and duvet company, who were looking to expand into the South African market, with their beautiful and top quality linen and down duvet range. I was initially skeptical because traditionally, down for duvets and pillows is obtained through the horrendous process of “live plucking” and really, I can’t have peace of mind sleeping on a pillow or under a duvet when I know such cruelty has gone into giving me such comfort.

After I voiced my concerns to Piumini Danesi, they patiently took me through their process, even after I grilled them on the geese being used for the Foie Gras industry because that is a whole other level of cruelty that I can’t align myself with either. The factory they use is an active member of EDFA which strictly forbids “the plucking of live geese”

Goose Down Cluster

The company was founded in 1975 and from the very beginning the company chose the lightest weight goose down duvets, which were better suited to the Italian climate. This was a time when many Italians started to travel extensively around Europe. They came across the comfort and convenience of  duvets in their hotel beds abroad. So the company had the opportunity to fill a small niche in the existing bedding market in Italy.  We chose the best quality, most highly prized filling, –goose down.

Their duvets promise Lightness, Volume, Compressibility, Elasticity, Softness, Insulation, Transpiration and Durability: no other natural fibre offers as many qualities as goose down and I think they live up to this promise. They sent me a 3/4 duvet for Hannah’s bed and aside from the luxurious fabric encasing the duvet, I can honestly say, it is, well…. light as a feather but warm too.

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They have various duvets on offer, depending on the season and average temperature of a room, I reckon Hannah is going to be as snug as a bug under her lovely, light duvet this coming winter! There is also a helpful chart available on their site to help you chose the perfect duvet for your room. I also love that their duvets are delivered in beautiful, soft cotton storage bags so that the duvet can be packed away during our scorching summer months in a breathable storage bag and not one of those horrid, hard plastic bags that so many duvets are stored in, the ones that always tear and that you can never quite get the duvet to fit back into after use!


Aside from duvets and pillows, Piumini Danesi also have a beautiful range of linens. ‘Made in Italy’.  Synonymous with comfort, elegance and a perfect finish, their exclusive bedding collection; duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases; are designed and made with passion with the highest quality fabrics: yarn-dyed cotton, printed cotton, satin and jacquard. The colours and the printing reflect current trends and where ever possible they choose the most eco-friendly materials possible.  Each duvet cover is a unique piece of craftsmanship individually made in small cottage industries run by Italian families. This means that every duvet cover is unique with its own personality and quality guaranteed by Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®.

Their baby range is also beautiful too, with a wide selection of delightful cotton duvet covers and some of the most luxurious baby sleeping bags around.

Best of all, Piumini Danesi have a special offer for all readers of the Blessed Barrenness, head over to their website to claim your 10% discount and free shipping of all orders over 100 Euro.

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Sadly, with the current volatility of the rand and our exchange rate in a free fall, this does make Piumini Danesi a premium product that not all South Africans will be able to afford. However, I did do a price comparison locally and Piumini Danesi is competitively priced when taking into account their stance on anti-cruelty and quality.

I also have a Happy Games kid/baby duvet set to give away to one lucky reader valued at 109 Euro, at the current exchange rate, that’s R1900!

Happy Games Duvet Set

Remember entry is open to South African residents only. Only entries vetted via Rafflecopter will be eligible for the draw. Competition will close on Sunday, 24th January.

Good luck!

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