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Recently the folks over at NUK sent me some of their new products to try, including their new Freestyle Soother & Baby Bottle Cleanser.

NUK Products

We have always used the NUK soothers, with both Ava and now Hannah because aside from their products all being BPA free,they are, in my opinion, the pretties soothers on the market too!  And the new Freestyle Soother is all of that, plus it is orthodontically correct in that it is modeled on the shape of a nipple during breastfeeding to aid oral development, it is also particularly kind to the skin thanks to its innovative mouth shield. New ventilation holes minimizes skin contact and ensure optimal air flow while feeling gentle against a baby’s sensitive skin.

Nuk Soothers

I know that you can buy all kinds of contraptions for washing babies bottles in the dishwasher but I still prefer to wash Hannah’s bottles by hand so the NEW NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser is a no brainer producter for me, it removes milk proteins and other residues with ease. Correct hygiene and effective cleansing of baby products is important- this cleanser is ideal for washing bottles, plates, bowls toys, teething rings and other items that baby “explores” every day with the hands and mouth. NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser works against hard-to-remove milk proteins- it contains enzymes derived from natural sources that bind to the milk protein and food, and remove it from baby products. Moms can use the new bottle cleanser without concern, because it dissolves easily in the washing – up water; works thoroughly and reliably; removes bacteria and germs; and rinses without leaving a trace. Moms can rest assured that there will be no leftovers from earlier meals on the bottle – and no unpleasant cleanser smells from foods and proteins.

NUK Cleanser

Five lucky readers will each win a Nuk Freestyle Soother & Baby Bottle Cleanser and another 5 readers will each win a bottle of the Baby Bottle Cleanser, all you need do is follow the Rafflecopter prompts below.

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