Melinda, over at Diaries of A White Mother, organised for all the finalists from the Kidz World Mom Blogger Competition to have a treatment of their choice with Tracey from Complete Hair and you must surely know how I almost pee’d my pants with excitement. I love pampering, I look forward to my monthly visits and the hair dresser and beauty salon, but I rarely have the time to go for a massage and that is my ultimate indulgence.

I checked out Tracey’s website and couldn’t wait to call her to book my appointment! There  were so many interesting choices to choose from but in the end, I was totally intrigued by the description of an Anataneea/Colour Therapy Treatment, which was described as:

The ultimate indulgence.  This gentle, loving and nurturing massage pampers the body and acknowledges the soul.  The back of the body is massaged 3 times using 12 coloured oils, sound vibrations and energy healing: you are left feeling safe and supported on all levels.  It unlocks your hidden potential by releasing the memory of stored trauma from the cells.  An absolute must if you ready to transform your life.


antaneea oils
I had my treatment last week and it was absolutely heavenly! Baring in mind that I had not shared anything with Tracey about who I was, while working on me, she picked up trauma surrounding an inability to bare a child and when she massaged my neck and throat regions, her hands and the oils became boiling hot and she said I have a tendency to be very verbal or over share… The Blessed Barrenness maybe???
At the end of the treatment, she asked me to choose and oil to take home with me by simply viewing the colors and choosing the one which spoke most to me. I was surprised when the color I was most drawn to was red and not the pink or purple as those are my favorite colors. You can read more about what the red symbolizes here. But it was pretty much spot on for me and I’ve been using it daily ever since.
Needless to say, I literally felt like I was floating after my massage! I had a sensation almost like being disconnected somehow, I was THAT relaxed! As a trained therapist myself, the biggest bonus was seeing how passionate Tracey is about what she does. Booking a treatment with her is not like going to a salon where you get some tired, under paid therapist who just goes through the motions, ensuring they rub you from top to bottom in oils without really caring about your well being.
I will definitely be visiting Tracey again for another massage, it was simply heavenly and now you can also experience her healing hands giving you a massage. Melinda has 5 vouchers to give away for treatments with Tracey, valued at R500 each!  All you need to is like her Diaries Of A White Mother Face Book page to be entered into the draw.
If you’re not lucky enough to win, you can book an appointment with Tracey on (011)  447 4847 and don’t worry if the Antaneea massage doesn’t appeal to you, Tracey offers a long list of different massages for you to choose from!