So I did a video tutorial for you all, after finally figuring out the secret to winged eyeliner for the over 40’s! 

I love the bold look of winged eyeliner, but when you’re over 40, it can be a little difficult to do. The skin around my eyes is not nearly as firm as it used to be, add to that, the dreaded wrinkles and using the wrong liquid liners and all the fails with tape stuck to my eyes and well, I’d often land up looking like this:

So here’s what I’ve learned:

You want to use a liner pen with a VERY thin nib, the thinner the nib, the better. Glamore SA sent me this one to try and I’m loving it:

The nib is extra fine and it’s quick drying with no smudging, so an all round win.

Now that I’m older, I prefer my winged line to be super thin, I find the thicker winged lines draw my eyes downward, is too harsh and draws attention to the lines around my eyes.

I tried all the winged liner hacks, including tape around my eyes and I found it uncomfortable and it pulled the skin a lot which I didn’t like. The only hack that has worked for me is using an empty, plastic gift card as a stencil for the first swipe and then doing the rest free hand.

I prefer that where the line starts at the inner corner of my eye be super thinr and then gradually thickens outwards to give a softer wing.

Using these tips, I managed to create this look the first time I tried using the Hean Wild Cat Eyeliner pen from Glamore.


Check it @glamoresa my first attempt at winged liner using your Hean Wild Cat Eyeliner. What do you think?

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I created this quick video to show you exactly what I mean:

Other Eye Products I’m Currently Loving:

Defence Xage from Bionike

This is an amazing eye serum, it applies and penetrates the skin beautifully, giving an almost instant tightening effect while also fighting all the other signs of aging, including puffiness, dark wrings and lines. It’s also opthamologically tested to ensure that it is ideal for sensitive eyes. Because I’m a contact lens wearer and always have my fingers in my eyes, this is a biggie for me. I’ve been suing mine for about 2 months now and loving it!

Xtreme Lashes Length & Volume Mascara

Again, a fantastic product for contact lens wearers. It’s so gentle on my eyes, has an amazing lengthening and voluminous effect and doesn’t smudge. It also doesn’t clump or flake and the large brush helps to apply the mascara evenly. It’s my current favorite and you can get yours here:

Xtreme Lashes Length & Volume Mascara

Eye Slices

I was sent a sample pack of these eye slices from The Beautiful Store with my first order. They are fabulous! They have an amazing calming and soothing effect and are great for tired eyes. I woke up on Saturday morning with very tired, puffy read eyes and 5 minutes with the eye slices on my eyes and I was all sorted.


So are you ready to put your winged eyeliner skills to the test?

If you found the video tutorial helpful, please let me know by snapping a pic and sharing it with me on social media!