Winter is just around the corner and once again, we’re faced with the challenge of getting laundry dry in either freezing cold temperatures or very wet and rainy weather, depending on where you’re located in the country. I’ve found in Jozi’s often times, freezing temps, even during the day, the sun just doesn’t dry the laundry and it lands up getting that horrid musty smell. 

Tumble Dryers are great!

But they’re heavy on electricity and most garments can’t be tumble dried. But back in 2015 I was sent a Spindel dryer for review and it totally revolutionized how I got my washing done .



How It Works:

Spindel is a specialist laundry dryer that uses spin power instead of heat to remove up to 80% of moisture from fabrics in just 3 minutes.  Plus, it uses 100 times less energy than a tumble dryer! It also extracts residual detergent and mineral deposits from fabrics, so laundry dries cleaner and feels better too.  Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washed laundry and is safe for all fabrics. 

Some of the thinner fabrics come out of our Spindel dryer almost completely dry.

And it’s fantastic for all those winter woolies which take AGES to dry! And, so often, with the weight of the water in them they stretch and dry out of shape.


Here are a few more reasons why you really want a Spindel:

  • Invest in a Spindel – this eco-friendly appliance uses spin power instead of heat, leaving machine or hand-washed fabrics almost dry in just 3 minutes. Delicate items dry in a fraction of the time (even indoors), with no damp smells left behind!  
  • No damage to fabrics – the Spindel is safe for all fabrics – even the most delicate items such as wool or cashmere that are normally hand washed.
  • Saves energy – no heat means that the Spindel uses less than 1% of the electricity that a tumble dryer consumes!
  • Removes detergents – the spin power also removes excess detergents and softeners, leaving fabrics softer and cleaner.

Spindel is available at home stores such as Hirsch’s & Tafelberg Furnishers, as well as online at Takealot.com or Yuppiechef.com.  Priced from R1,999. 

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