It sucks!

Winter is like literally around the corner. It’s time for hearty soups, fluffy blankets, jerseys, jackets, scarves and boots! 

It’s also time for bold eye colours and vampy lips according to those in the know, when it comes to winter makeup trends. I’ve been playing around with a technique of building up my eye colour for a more bold look, especially for this winter trend and I’ll show you how it’s done in this quick make up tutorial!

But first, here’s what I used:

Hean HD PALETTES in shades Royal and Hean Mattense Lipstick in Vogue

About Hean:

Hean Cosmetics  are HYPOALLERGENIC so anyone can use this brand even if you have sensitive skin! Many of their products are FRAGRANCE FREE.  The cosmetics are imported from the European Union where it is PROHIBITED to test cosmetics on animals. They are therefore CRUELTY FREE which means they are NOT tested on animals.

Here’s how to create the perfect winter look:

You can purchase all your Hean cosmetics from Glamore Cosmetics and they’ll ship directly to you!

Disclaimer – the eye shadow palette and lippie were gifts shipped to me from Glamore, along with some brushes and other goodies I purchased from them. This is NOT a paid for review.