Remember a while ago, I reviewed my Wish shopping experience, which had been, shall we say….. disappointing? Well I finally purchased something on Wish which actually turned out to be pretty much what I expected it would be.

And it’s made a massive difference!

A makeup brush cleaning mat!

Look, I realize that it’s a knock off. But guess how much I paid for it?  Not R1000! Not R500! Not even R100!

I paid a paltry R12,50 on Wish, I see it’s currently available for R14! And granted it isn’t as big as the branded ones, but it works just as well for cleaning my make up brushes, especially my Oval brushes from Glamore Cosmetics

Oval make up brushes are notoriously difficult to clean because the bristles are so tightly packed and I’ve really been struggling to find the perfect cleaning solution. Aside from the fact that using dirty makeup brushes is unhygienic, I’ve also found that if you allow product to build up on the foundation brush, it actually alters the colour of your foundation when you apply it. 

So how does it work?

Easy, it’s a soft, silicone mat that suctions to the basin. The various knobbly bits allow you to quickly and easily clean your brushes. 

See it in action:

Super quick, super easy, stupidly cheap! 

Go on, go get yourself one…. your face and your brushes deserve it!