Urinary leakage is a very common problem that we are often all too embarrassed to talk about, aside from jokes about wetting our pants or crossing our legs when we need to cough or sneeze. But the good news is that there is treatment for this very common problem in the form of the BTL Emsella.

What causes urinary leakage?

Urinary leakages, also known as incontinence is far more common in women than in men. Hormones, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are just a couple of the contributing factors to urinary incontinence in women and is caused by problems with the muscles and nerves that help the bladder hold or pass urine but the good news is that there is treatment available.

Introducing the BTL Emsella

The BTL Emsella has been called the breakthrough in the treatment of incontinence and, dare I say it, confidence! It works by inducing thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education of incontinence. In a nutshell, one 30 minute treatment equals 12 000 kegel exercises. Way more than any of us could cope to achieve on our own.

Check out this video that explains it so well:

My Experience Of BTL Emsella

When Nicolette and Turid, the two nurses behind Nix & Tee Aesthetics contacted me to find out if I would be interested in trying out the treatment I jumped at the chance. As an almost 50 year old woman, with 7 pregnancies, multiple surgeries, and years of fertility treatment, I was the ideal candidate.

The treatment itself is completely painless and not at all unpleasant, you literally sit, fully clothed, on the Emsella chair for 30 minutes, and the chair forces Kegels. 12 000 Kegels in 28 minutes to be exact.

I completed the 6 treatment course at the end of January and have been so pleased with my results.Β  I can now run, jump, cough, sneeze, and burst out laughing without peeing my pants! I don’t need to wear a sanitary towel to exercise and the whole experience has left me feeling so much more confident.

I now go for one treatment every few months, just to maintain my results.

Book Your Treatment With Nix & Tee

The BTL Emsella treatments are not widely available in South Africa, but if you are in Gauteng, make sure you get in touch with Nix & Tee Aesthetics to book your treatments, if you struggle with urinary leakage, I promise this will change your life!

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Disclaimer – I have gifted a course of BTL Emsella treatment in exchange for this review.Β