WOW! WOW Jude! I stumbled across this product literally by accident, when I was at Mama Magic in Durban last week. We were attending the Award’s Dinner and a woman approached our table and asked if she could join us. She mentioned she was the owner of Wow Jude and we got chatting as I had never heard of the product. She gave me the full run down of what the product does and honestly, I thought she was being full of shit. I mean, how was it even possible, so she offered to give me a Wow Jude face cloth to try.

All I can say is….. WOW JUDE

Wow Jude face cloths are a revolutionary, proudly South African product, that cleanses and removes makeup using only water! You will no longer need any chemicals, any soaps, any products or cotton wool to clean your face. This is such a great, sustainable option.

The super soft Wow Jude cloth is made of recycled plastic and cleanses, rejuvenates, removes makeup and face paint and assists with acne control. Honestly when I first heard about this product, I really believed it was too good to be true.

Then I Tried It

And I’ve been blown away by it. I wear a lot of liquid eyeliner, which is notoriously difficult to clean off, but my WOW Jude cloth does it effortlessly, I simply soak my cloth in some warm water, hold it against my eye for 10 seconds and swipe over my eye and my eye make up is gone. I use it all over my face and used the reverse side of the cloth for gentle exfoliation and my skin has never felt softer.

Taking care of the cloth is also super easy and it can be reused for two years before requiring replacing.

How To Use Your WOW Jude Cloth:

  • Machine your towel before use,
  • Wet your towel in warm water and ensure that it is well soaked,
  • For effective removal of mascara, soak your eyelashes with your towel for 10 seconds,
  • In a circular motion, gently wipe the makeup away,
  • Rinse by hand after use and machine wash every couple of days and leave to air dry, because the WOW Jude cloth is made form recycled plastic, it cannot be tumble-dried.

You can get your own WOW Jude cloth by contacting Judy – 074 498 1983

Also make sure you’re following Wow Jude on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer – I was given a WOW Jude cloth because I didn’t believe it could do what Judy said it could do, I wrote this review because everyone should have a WOW Jude cloth!