Recently, I’ve been contacted by a number of local authors to review their books and this is a huge honour for me, local is lekker after all and I’ve always maintained that my perfect job would be as a professional book reviewer, I mean, seriously, I can’t think of anything more fabulous than getting paid to spend all day reading.

So when Kelly Kidgell, local blogger, turned author, contacted me to review her book, Surviving The Runner, I jumped at the chance. 


A  ‘spit-your-drink-out’ funny, brutally honest account of being married to an ultra – runner, all the while doing The Thirties as a mom of 3 young children.

Stories that’ll make you snort, as she overshares on what everyone thinks but few would EVER publicize.

If you aren’t laughing with or crying for Kelly, then you are cringing at her graphically funny reflections on the daily truths of being a mom, while encouraging her perpetually sweaty, overly obsessed runner hubby to achieve his goals.

This book is for anyone who loves sportsman/women, for anyone parent (or non-parent) who questions their sanity and most definitely, for anyone who needs a good pee-inducing laugh.

The last few chapters set a ‘calmer’ tone as Runner Guy himself writes his technical, run-savvy story on shaving nearly 4 hours off his Comrades time (6h39 in 2016).
His focused, goal driven personality shines bright as you’re left in awe at his training schedule of over 6000kms a year – an inspiring, unwavering dedication to his passion for road shuffling.
You’ll definitely wonder how a man so normal puts up with his nutcase wife.
β€œKidgell exposes the peculiar habits of her runner-husband, warts-and-all. Raw, real and laugh-out-loud funny, her writing speaks truths with which every runner and their partner can resonate.”
– Runner’s World magazine.

Because it’s a blog to book type, the reading experience is enjoyable because it’s broken up into a series of short stories. 

Kelly is very funny, in a sort of toe-curling-OMG-I-can’t-believe-she-went-there sort of way. And anyone who is married to or participated in any kind of competitive sport will enjoy her descriptions of being the supporter of a dedicated athlete. My husband once cycled in a race, a few years ago, it was one of those ridiculous 200km’s in a day sort of races and so much of what Kelly describes happening in the lead up to Runner Guy’s Comrades marathons reminded me of the lead up to Walter’s cycle race. The panic, the paranoia, the nerves, the moodiness. I also saw myself in so much of what she describes, as the wife of an athlete. It can be exhausting and extremely frustrating and their were moments when I just wanted to shove his bicycle up his arse and I’m pretty sure Kelly has imagined this with running shoes and Runner Guy in the lead up to plenty of Comrades.

It’s a light, easy read, with plenty of laughs, especially if you are married to an athlete! 

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