We were fortunate to be invited to be a part of the international Hatchimals reveal from Spin Master, makers and creators of some really cool toys for kids, including Paw Patrol and Zoomers. 

As part of their campaign, we created our own hatch day video, in case you haven’t seen it, or don’t really know what Hatchimals are, here you go:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM_gTVP6o50[/embedyt]

The exciting thing about Hatchimals, is that your child doesn’t know what they’re going to hatch.

They could either hatch a Penguala, which is a happy-go-lucky Hatchimals who is quirky, friendly, clumsy, and kind!

Penguala Hatchimal

Or a Draggle which is a curious, brave, and energetic, Hatchimals. Draggles are also quite shy and lovable!

Draggle Hatchimal

Ava hatched a Draggle in our reveal video and a couple of week’s later, Hannah hatched a Penguala.

But the beauty of Hatchimals is that its about so much more than just hatching your egg and discovering who’s inside.

Check out this video to find out more about how you hatch, nurture, teach and play with your Hatchimal.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Mm_LM41e8[/embedyt]

I’m predicting this will be a top toy choice for kids this Christmas!

My girls have had so much fun with their Hatchimals. The hatching phase is magical, I wish I could describe for you the excitement on their little faces as they nurtured and interacted with their Hatchimals as they pecked their way out of their eggs. 

Hatchimals Hatching

And then of course, the real fun begins, as they nuture and teach their Hatchimals through the phases of it’s development, from baby, to toddler, to kid and all that that involves, from feeding and burping their baby Hatchimals to playing and learning with their Hatchimals. 

The cutest part is how the Hatchimal sings happy birthday to itself each time it enters a new phase of it’s development.

Hatchimals are available at all leading toy retailers and online right now for R1399!

But you can win one right here! 

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