I’ve been blogging for a long time and attended a lot of events in that time. Some fantastic…. and some, well some really not and almost all of them have involved nappies or baby food or screaming kids! But that was not the case with the #JamesonCaskmatesSA launch event. It was slick and polished and organized and a taste and visual spectacle!

But first, want to know what Jameson Caskmates is all about? 

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Walter and I rarely go out on a date night. Rarely, like as in maybe once every 6 months. We know it’s important to do these things but time and money and absence of a babysitter makes it nearly impossible. But when I told Walter about our Jameson Caskmates invite, being a big Jameson fan, he jumped at the opportunity and we made a plan.

Everything about this event was slick and polished. From receiving the invite, to the seamless and automated RSVP process which delivered our individual QR entry codes within seconds. The stage was set for a fantastic night out and… did I mention Whiskey…. HELLOOOO Uber! 

The event itself was held at The Good Luck Bar at 1 Fox and from arrival, it was a visual feast for the eyes. 






On entering the venue with our scanned QR codes, we were each issued a magnetic badge that allowed us free range and all the whiskey we could drink for the evening. And Walter made sure he took full advantage! 

They also had photographers wandering around, snapping pictures of people with Polaroid camera’s, which I loved! And I loved the photo’s we got, except after a few whiskey’s, Walter and I made friends with a group of people, and happily chatted with strangers, one of them turned out to be HHP and just so you can understand, I am so unhip and unhappening, I did not even know who he was still I saw him performing on stage later, but we landed up getting a whole wad of Polaroid photo’s with people… no clue who they are!

IMG_3720 (1)

The place was packed with all the beautiful people. Seriously, I could not stop looking around and wondering how a boring, old, mommy blogger got invited to this event, not that I was complaining, it was fantastic. Some of the gorgeous ladies we made friends with educated me on a bunch of topics I had no idea about, like what a “blesser” is and how you go about finding a blesser. And my husband, who is usually Mr Uptight, loosened up too and was chatting away to anyone and everyone…. Thanks UBER!

Everything that was beautiful or hipster was available, from the waiters serving beautiful food, to the drinks, the venue, the people…. even that barbers! No lies you guys…. I tried to convince Walter to sit in the barber chair, but he clearly hadn’t had enough whiskey for that!



We had such a fantastic evening and let me tell you, the Jameson Caskmates whiskey is mighty fine too! The first thing we did on Friday, after recovering from the night before, was hook ourselves up with a couple of bottles of this fantastic Whiskey (As a banter, when I’m not drinking dry wine, whiskey is my drink of choice because…. no/low sugar!)

FullSizeRender (1)

It was just so awesome to get to go to an event that didn’t involve kids that was just a fun evening out for Walter and I and a total spoil too, I mean it’s not like to middle aged fogies like us would ever go out to hand with the beautiful people at a place like this. 


Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Jameson.SouthAfrica/?fref=photo